The Son of God in Human Flesh: Matthew 1:18-25 

What's In A Name: Matthew 1:21

The First Christmas: Matthew 1:18-25

The First Christmas: Matthew 2:1-2

God With Us: Matthew 1:23

God In Human Flesh: Matthew  1:18-25

The First Christmas: Matthew 2:1-2

How To Have A Merry Christmas: Matthew 2:1-2

The Wise Still Worship The King: Matthew 2:1-12

Does God Really Care: Matthew 2:16-18

The Manipulation Of Satan (The Enemy Among Us: Matthew 4:1-11

The Marvelous Jesus: Matthew 4:23-25

Blessed Are Those Who Mourn: Matthew 5:4

Blessings from Living a Holy Life: Matthew 5:8

The American Privilege (Why You Should Vote): Matthew 5:13

Let Your Light Shine: Matthew 5:13-16

Believer-Priest: Works of Believer-Priest (part seventeen): Matthew 5:16

Blessings Of Having A Prayer Closet: Matthew 6:5-8

Lesson On Prayer From The Master: Matthew 6:9-13

Our Loving Heavenly Father: Matthew 6:1-32

Judge Not: What Does It Mean?: Matthew 7:1-5

Religion Or Christ: Matthew 7:21-23

Saved Or Deceived?: Matthew 7:21-27

Firm Foundation For Life: Matthew 7:24-27

Great Faith: Matthew 8:5-13

Be Of Good Cheer: Matthew 9:1-8

God Cares For You: Matthew 10:29-31

Are You Plagued With Doubts?: Matthew 11:1-6

High Cost Of Indifference: Matthew 11:20-24

America's Need Of Repentance: Matthew 11:20-24

Come Unto Me: Matthew 11:20-30

Saved And Secure (Ears To Hear): Matthew 13:1-17 

Saved And Secure (Hard Hearts): Matthew 13:3-4, 18-19     

Saved And Secure (Hearts Of Stone): Matthew 13:5-6, 20-21

Saved And Secure (Thorny Hearts): Matthew 13:7, 12 

Saved And Secure (Fruitful Hearts part one): Matthew 13:8, 23 

Saved And Secure (Fruitful Hearts part two): Matthew 13:8, 23  

Saved And Secure (Wheat And Tares): Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43

Fireproof Faith, Do You Have Biblical Convictions?: Matthew 14:1-12

The Church Of Jesus Christ: Matthew 16:13-20

The Glory Of His Presence (They Saw His Glory part 6): Matthew 17:1-8

Hell! Fact Or Fallacy (The Seriousness Of Sin And Hall part 3): Matthew 18:1-4

Purpose Of Christ's Coming: Matthew 18:10-14

Homeland Security (Marriage Covenant For Life part 7): Matthew 19:1-9

Preparing For Eternity (Is There Life After Death? (part one): Matthew 22:23-33

Hell! Fact Or Fallacy (Woe Unto False Teachers) (part 2): Matthew 23:13-22

Who Is Your Father: Matthew 23:13-33

Standing on the Promises: Matthew 24:4-8

Lawlessness: Matthew 24:11-12

The Signs Of His Coming (Observing The Times): Matthew 24:36-39

Managing God's Possessions: Financial Accountability: Matthew 25:14-30

Remembering Our Lord: Matthew 26:26-30

The Lord's Supper: Matthew 26:26-29

Drawing Nearer To God (Lord's supper): Matthew 26:26-29

The Battle In Gethsemane: Matthew 26:36-46

Silencing The Mockers: Matthew 27:33-50, 28:5-6

Death Of Christ: Matthew 27:45-50

Life From The Grave: Matthew 28:5-7

Jesus Is Alive! (Reasons To Rejoice): Matthew 28:5-8

Jesus: The Conqueror Of Death: Matthew 28:5-9