The Acts

Jesus Is Alive! (Reasons To Believe): Acts 1:1-3

Jesus' Resurrection And Return: Acts 1:1-11

The Prayer Meeting: Acts 1:12-14

The Church Is Born: Acts 2:1-5

The Church And Her Savior: Acts 2:22-36

Salvation Is Available: Acts 2:22-41

The Church And Salvation: Acts 2:37-41

The Church And The Word: Acts 2:41-47

The Healing Of The Lame Man: Acts 3:1-11

What Would You Do?: Acts 4:4-13-22

Men Who Made a Difference: Acts 4:13-22

A Church And Her Deacons: Acts 6:1-6

The Need For Servants: Acts 6:1-7

Evidence Of A Spirit-Filled Life: Acts 7:54-60

Saved And Secure (Salvation For A Seeker): Acts 8:26-39

Reaching The Lost For Christ (A Soulwinner At Work): Acts 8:26-40

Saved And Secure (The Power Of God): Acts 9:1-9

What God Can Do: Acts 9:1-22

How Will You Be Remembered: Acts 9:36-43

A Seeker, A Savior, and Salvation: Acts 10:1-48

A Reason To Celebrate: Acts 13:26-33 

The Curse of Mixing Law and Grace: Acts 15:1-29 

Reaching The Lost For Christ (Being On Mission With God): Acts 16:6-40

Honoring Women On Mother's Day: Acts 16:13-15

Jailer Captured By The Gospel: Acts 16:25-34

The Glory Of His Presence (Witness Through His Presence [part 14]: Acts 16:25-34

What God Demands: Acts 17:16-34

Shepherding The Sheep: Acts 20:17-35

The Way To Have Christmas Everyday: Acts 20:35

The Witness Of Paul: Acts 24:14-16

Have You Been Converted?: Acts 26:13-19